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Children & Teens Program

Children & Teens Program

MINGLE After School Program

Are you eager to give your children the gift of language diversity and a bright future? Look no further! Introducing the MINGLE (Mandarin Intensive, Nurturing Growth, Language Experiences) after-school program - a gateway to unlocking your child's potential as a Plurilingual!


🌟 After School Program at your child’s school:

🌟 Small Class Sizes: 10 to 15 kids (minimum 6 kids)

🌟 Beginner to Advanced Levels: Whether your child is just starting or already has some Mandarin knowledge, our program caters to all skill levels.

🌟 Crafted curriculum and Interactive Learning: We advocate project-based learning by using Engaging activities, games, and multimedia resources to keep your child excited and eager to learn.

🌟 Communication Focus: Emphasis on conversation skills to build confidence in real-life language usage.

🌟 Immersive Chinese language & cultural field trips: Celebrate festivals and traditions and discover the local Chinese communities in Metro Vancouver.

🌟 Study Math in Mandarin: Our math component focuses on real-life scenarios where math skills are essential.

🌟 Language Progress Tracking: Celebration of Learning at the end of the semester to show your kid's learning progress
This program only provides the in-person group option at local schools. For more flexible options please go to Blossom Mandarin Program.

Children & Teens Program

Blossom Mandarin Program

Blossom Mandarin Program: From Seedling to Harvest in Mandarin

Catering to Kids of All Levels and Ages

At VMS, we understand that every child has unique language skills and learning paces. Our Kids Mandarin Program, featuring the "Seed," "Leaf," "Flower," and "Fruit" progression, is designed to accommodate children of different ages and Mandarin proficiency levels. Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of Mandarin or is already well-versed in the language, our program is tailored to meet their individual needs and support their journey of growth and development. Through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and cultural exploration, we foster a love for language and a deep connection to the rich heritage of Mandarin-speaking cultures. Join us on this inclusive learning adventure, where every child's potential is nurtured and celebrated.

Seed Class: Mandarin Beginnings: Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Mandarin with our Seed Class! Designed for young learners who are just starting their language exploration, this class lays the foundation for a lifelong love of language and culture. Our Seed Class introduces essential vocabulary and basic language structures through engaging activities, interactive games, and immersive experiences. Watch your child's curiosity and confidence take root as they begin their Mandarin adventure from the very beginning.

Leaf Class: Growing Language Skills: In our Leaf Class, your child's language skills sprout and flourish like young leaves reaching for the sun. Building upon the foundational knowledge from the Seed Class, Leaf Class is all about nurturing growth. Through dynamic conversations, interactive projects, and creative play, your child will expand their vocabulary, enhance sentence structure, and start crafting their own Mandarin expressions. As language skills mature, so does their communication and cultural exploration enthusiasm.

Flower Class: Blossoming Fluency: Just like a flower unfurls its petals to reveal its beauty, our Flower Class takes your child's language proficiency to new heights. In this class, young learners dive deeper into the intricacies of Mandarin, cultivating more complex sentences, expressive vocabulary, and enhanced listening skills. Their fluency blossoms through role-playing, storytelling, and collaborative activities, enabling them to confidently engage in meaningful conversations and share their thoughts with others.

Fruit Class: Bilingual Achievers: As fruits are the sweet rewards of diligent growth, our Fruit Class represents the culmination of your child's Mandarin journey. Here, language skills have ripened, and the ability to converse in Mandarin has become a natural part of their identity. In addition to advanced language proficiency, this class emphasizes cross-cultural connections, enabling your child to confidently navigate bilingual environments. Our Bilingual Achievers shine as confident communicators and cultural ambassadors through real-life scenarios, debates, and presentations.

With each class in our program, from Seed to Fruit, we nurture language growth, foster cultural appreciation, and cultivate confident communication skills. Join us on this transformative path of learning, where your child's journey is not just about mastering a language, but about blossoming into a global citizen with a deep understanding of Mandarin and the world around them.

Flexible Learning, Tailored to Your Preferences

At VMS, we believe in offering a personalized learning experience that adapts to your child's unique needs and preferences. Our Kids Mandarin Program, following the thematic progression of "Seed," "Leaf," "Flower," and "Fruit," is designed to provide comprehensive language development while nurturing a deep appreciation for Mandarin and its cultural roots.

Private, Semi-Private, and Group Options: We understand that every child learns differently, so we offer flexible class options. Choose from private, semi-private, or group classes, allowing your child to learn in a setting that best suits their learning style. Our private and semi-private classes offer focused attention and individualized pacing, while our group classes provide opportunities for interactive collaboration and dynamic learning experiences.

Online and In-Person Learning: To accommodate various schedules and preferences, we offer both online and in-person learning options. Our interactive online classes bring the classroom experience directly to your home, connecting your child with our experienced instructors no matter where you are. For those seeking in-person interactions, our Richmond location provides a welcoming environment for students to engage in immersive learning. Additionally, we offer the convenience of in-person classes conducted at your place, ensuring that learning is tailored to your family's needs.

At VMS, we are committed to making language learning accessible, engaging, and effective for every student. Join us on this journey of growth and discovery as your child progresses through our program's unique stages, cultivating Mandarin skills and cross-cultural connections that last a lifetime.

Children & Teens Program

Mandarin Reading Corner

Introducing "Mandarin Reading Corner": A Gateway to Imagination and Language

Welcome to our exciting "Mandarin Reading Corner" program, a captivating initiative that sparks the joy of reading and cultivates Mandarin language skills among kids and teens. We understand the transformative power of literature and the importance of nurturing a love for reading from an early age. Our program seamlessly merges the magic of storytelling with the beauty of Mandarin, creating an enriching experience that combines online engagement with real-world connections.

Program Highlights:

📚 Virtual Adventures: Embark on captivating literary journeys from the comfort of your home. Our online reading tools open the doors to a world of stories, allowing kids and teens to explore a variety of genres, themes, and authors in Mandarin.

📚 Inspiring Instructors: Our dedicated instructors are passionate about language learning and literature. They will guide participants through the enchanting world of Mandarin literature, providing insights, context, and encouraging meaningful discussions.

📚 Interactive Exploration: Dive into the heart of stories during our online gatherings. Engage in lively discussions, share your thoughts, and connect with fellow young readers, fostering a sense of community and friendship.

📚 In-Person Adventures: While our gatherings primarily take place online, we recognize the value of in-person interactions. Periodically, we organize special in-person activities where participants can bond over books, creative projects, and language games.

📚 Holistic Language Learning: "Mandarin Reading Corner" is more than just reading – it's an immersive language experience. As participants delve into stories, they'll naturally enhance their Mandarin vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency, all while having fun.

📚 Cultivating Lifelong Readers: We believe in the power of books to shape young minds. We aim to nurture a lifelong love for literature and language by fostering a habit of reading in Mandarin.

Whether your child or teen is just beginning their Mandarin journey or is already familiar with the language, "Mandarin Reading Corner" offers a warm and engaging environment for all proficiency levels. Join us in this beautiful exploration of language, imagination, and connection. Let's embark on an adventure where stories come to life, friendships are forged, and the beauty of Mandarin language flourishes.

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