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Work at VMS

🌟 Join Our Team as a Part-Time Mandarin Teacher! 🌟

Are you passionate about Mandarin education and eager to share your knowledge with enthusiastic learners? At Vancouver Mandarin School, we believe in fostering a supportive community that empowers both our students and teachers to thrive. We're excited to welcome dynamic individuals to our team who resonate with our values and are ready to contribute to an enriching educational experience.

Why work at Vancouver Mandarin School?

🌱 Cultivate Growth Together: We're not just a language school; we're a nurturing environment where every teacher is encouraged to blossom. We understand that your growth contributes to the growth of our students. With our comprehensive support system, you'll find opportunities to develop your skills and build your self-worth continuously.

💎 Treasure Our Core Resources: Teachers are the heart and soul of our institution. We deeply value your expertise and perspective, recognizing you as invaluable assets to our school's success. Your contributions will be acknowledged and celebrated within our vibrant community.

📚 Two-Way Learning Journey: Education is a two-way street. While you impart your wisdom to students, we believe that learning is a reciprocal process. Discover fresh insights from your students, fostering a dynamic and engaging teaching experience that goes beyond the textbook.

🎨 Unleash Your Creativity: Teaching is an art, and we encourage you to unleash your creativity in the classroom. Our approach is to view teaching as a canvas for innovation, enabling you to craft lessons that inspire and captivate your students. Say goodbye to monotony; embrace a role where your creativity knows no bounds.

🌍 Diverse Experiences, One Community: Whether you're an experienced educator or just beginning your teaching journey, what matters most is your willingness to learn and grow. We embrace applicants with rich intercultural experiences and intriguing souls, as we believe diversity enriches our learning environment. Join us in creating vibrant Mandarin learning communities across different age groups.

📚 Comprehensive Offerings: Vancouver Mandarin School provides a comprehensive range of courses to diverse learner groups. From kids and teens to adults and business professionals, we offer both online and in-person Mandarin courses and training. Our commitment extends beyond traditional classes – we also organize Mandarin Learning and Chinese cultural experiences workshops and activities.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of growth, camaraderie, and innovative teaching, we invite you to join our family at Vancouver Mandarin School. Together, we'll inspire, learn, and flourish. Apply today and become a part of our mission to transform lives through Mandarin education.

Job Opportunity 1: Part-time Adult Mandarin Instructor at Vancouver Mandarin School

Are you a passionate and skilled Mandarin educator with a talent for teaching adults? Do you possess strong curriculum design abilities and effective English communication skills? Vancouver Mandarin School is currently seeking an exceptional Adult Mandarin Instructor to join our team.

Position Requirements:

  • Proven expertise in designing engaging and effective Mandarin curricula for adult learners.

  • Strong English communication skills and intercultural skills

  • Comfortable teaching both in-person and online classes.

  • Bonus: Experience in organizing workshops, meetups, or activities.

  • An openness to growth, learning, and continuous improvement.

Why Vancouver Mandarin School?

  • Competitive compensation reflects your skills and dedication.

  • Opportunities for advancement, including pathways to full-time positions.

  • A platform to showcase your talents and contribute to our dynamic community.

If you're ready to inspire adult learners, create captivating curricula, and be a part of a growth-focused educational institution, we encourage you to apply. Join us at Vancouver Mandarin School and help us empower our students to excel in their Mandarin learning journey.

To apply, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter detailing your relevant experience to [email address]. We look forward to receiving your application.

Mandarin Teacher for Kids&Teens

Job Opportunity 2: Kids & Teen Mandarin Instructor (For intensive Mandarin afterschool Program)

Are you a dedicated Mandarin educator with a passion for teaching young minds? Do you have a flair for creating engaging lessons and a knack for connecting with kids and teenagers? Vancouver Mandarin School is currently seeking an exceptional Kids & Teen Mandarin Instructor to join our team.

Position Requirements:

  • Expertise in teaching Mandarin to kids and teenagers, creating interactive and effective lessons.

  • Strong English communication skills and intercultural skills

  • Ability to establish a rapport with young learners, making language learning enjoyable.

  • Comfortable teaching in both online and in-person settings.

  • Bonus: Experience in Mandarin immersion programs or bilingual programs involving English and Mandarin.

  • An openness to growth, learning, and continuous improvement.

Why Vancouver Mandarin School?

  • Competitive compensation reflecting your expertise and commitment.

  • Opportunities for professional growth, including potential pathways to full-time roles.

  • A platform to showcase your teaching skills and contribute to our vibrant community.

We invite you to apply if you're ready to inspire the next generation of Mandarin learners, design captivating lessons, and be part of a dynamic educational environment. Join us at Vancouver Mandarin School and help us nurture young language enthusiasts on their journey to language mastery.

To apply, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter outlining your relevant experience to [email address]. We eagerly await your application.


你是否是一位有经验的海外中文教育的实践者,擅长教授海外华人幼儿及青少年?你是否能够激发学生的学习兴趣,根据他们的特点和水平进行教学,并独立设计课程?如果你还能在寓教于乐的氛围中提升孩子的中文阅读能力、表达能力和认字水平,对中国经典古诗词和名著有独到的教学看法,那么Vancouver Mandarin School (VMS-温语堂)欢迎您的加入!


  • 具备在海外华人幼儿及青少年中文教育领域的经验,能够与学生建立良好互动。

  • 能够针对不同年龄段学生的特点和水平,独立设计富有创意的教学课程。

  • 对学习新的教学理念和技能抱有开放的态度。

  • 能够在寓教于乐的环境中,提升学生的中文阅读、表达和认字水平。

  • 加分项:对将中国经典古诗词和名著融入海外中文教学有深入的理解和看法。

  • 加分项:有在国际学校或者中英双语项目的教学经验,或者较强的跨文化交际能力。

  • 加分项:具有一定的英文沟通能力。


  • 提供具有竞争力的薪酬。

  • 教学地点:线上+线下(此职位以Richmond及附近为主)

  • 为您提供职业成长和培训的机会,包括成为全职教师的可能性。

  • 学校正在起步发展阶段,晋升空间潜力大,只要您是我们认可的有能力的教师。


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