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Mandarin Immersion Camp

Mandarin Immersion Camps

Mandarin Immersion

Summer Camp

- Two Locations -
6184 Ash Street or 2524 Cypress Street

- Age & Level -

Open to age 5-12 and all levels

- Camp Option & Time -

Morning Camp: 8:45 AM to Noon

Afternoon Camp: Noon to 3:00 PM

Full Day Camp: 8:45 AM to 3:00 PM

Journey to the East 东游记

Dive into China's landscapes and traditions, discovering the heritage of overseas Chinese.

Garden Wonders

Discover the enchanting world of gardens where every plant has a story.
发现花园里的一草一木,探索花园世界里每个动物的小秘密, 了解植物的故事与成长

From Farm to Feast

 Journey from the farm to our feast, exploring how food reaches our table. 农场到餐桌的冒险: 从农场到我们的盛宴,探索食物是如何到达我们餐桌的。

Creative Chefs

Unleash your inner chef with fun and creative cooking challenges. 通过有趣和创意的烹饪挑战,释放孩子内心的厨师潜能。

Young Inventors

Explore ancient inventions and modern tech. Create with coding and architecture. 深入探索中国古代发明和现代科技的世界。初试编程和建筑设计,把创意想法变为现实。

Market Adventures


Explore the vibrant world of Chinese grocery stores, learning about unique foods and ingredients. 市场探险: 探索充满活力的中国超市,了解独特的食材和调料。

Summer Camp

Rate(Early Bird Discount $30 OFF Each Kid):

- Long Week (5 Days)



- *Short Week (4 Days)



Please complete the form to register. Our Admin team will contact you to follow up.


  • A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total camp fee is required at registration to secure the spot.

  • A flexible installment plan is available.

  • Full payment (tuition) must be made two weeks before the camp starts.


  • Cancellation must be submitted in writing; telephone requests will not be honored.

  • Requests to cancel the camp registration must be received on June 15.

  • A $50 administration fee will be charged for each refund. If refund is recorded as school credit, administration will be waived.

  • School credit is valid for 2 years and can be used for any programs within Vancouver Mandarin School.

  • No refund/credit will be granted for occasional absence once the camp starts.


Choose Dates

Thanks for your interests and we will contact you soon!

Important Notes

- Camp Dates: July 2-19 and July 29-August 16, 2024.

- Camp Themes: Enjoy a unique theme each week!

- Age and levels: 5-15 years old at all levels

- We suggest:

1) We encourage students to register for at least three consecutive weeks to ensure significant learning progress (a discount is available for this duration)

2) New students registered for September 2024 in the MINGLE program are advised to enroll in at least one week of camp, focusing on Pinyin (phonetic) learning, to get a head start.

- Due to limited space, priority is given to current MINGLE students.

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