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Our Team

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Vera Huang
Founder & Lead Instructor
MA in Language and Literacies Education
OISE, University of Toron
BA in Chinese Language and Literature,
Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学


8+ years Mandarin teaching and curriculum design experience in Malaysia and Canada

3+ years IB MYP program and DP program Chinese B teaching and curriculum design experiences

5+ years Research experience in language education and teacher education in Canada

"I bring over 8+ years of experience teaching Mandarin as a First, Second, and Foreign Language in Malaysia and Canada, with a passion for introducing the Chinese language and culture to learners of all ages. Taking “language as a resource”, I believe that it’s important for language learners to hold a positive attitude toward their linguistic and cultural knowledge, which will help them reach their full potential in their language learning journey. I aim to create a friendly and nurturing learning environment where students thrive and discover the beauty of Mandarin language and culture through lived experiences."

18+ years Sales and business development experience in MENA region, Singapore, China and Canada

Fluent in 5 Languages: A skilled plurilingual speaker in Persian, English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malay, Arabic, and others

"My journey in business development across various industries has equipped me with insights and strategies essential for fostering growth and innovation. At VMS, I'm passionate about driving our strategic expansion, building strong partnerships, and ensuring we excel in language education. My role involves a deep commitment to enhancing our school's offerings and enriching the learning experience for every student."


Sina Toghiani

hongxia photo.jpg

Nijika Suzuki
Administrative and Program Coordinator

Fluent in 3 Languages: A skilled plurilingual speaker in Japanese, Mandarin, English, and others


"Raised in Japan with a background in both Chinese and English education, I've realized the immense value of being plurilingual. My university research explores cultural nuances between Japan and China, further enriched by my exchange experience in China and ongoing studies in Canada. This multilingual foundation opened doors to unique opportunities and experiences abroad, something I'm passionate about sharing with our students. At VMS, I'm committed to creating an immersive learning environment, leveraging my tutoring experience in Japan to support and enrich our programs."

6 years Chinese teaching experience in Shanghai, China (public school and online teaching centre)

6 years Teaching management in China & BC

3+ years Mandarin teaching experience in BC (Victoria and Vancouver) for 3yrs-17yrs children

"I believe that while Mandarin may seem challenging, it's a joy to teach because our children are incredibly bright and capable learners. Through my experience teaching Mandarin, I've seen that children are natural experts at learning, especially through play. In my classroom, we don't just learn the language; we immerse ourselves in it through engaging, playful activities. This approach not only makes learning effective but also genuinely enjoyable. So, welcome to my class, where learning Mandarin is not just educational but a fun and exciting journey of growth and discovery!"


Elena Zhao
Mandarin Instructor and Curriculum Developer
Master of Education, University of Victoria, BC
BA in Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing University, China (南京大学文学院



April Zhou
Mandarin Instructor

Fluent in 3 Languages: A skilled plurilingual speaker in Mandarin, English, Russian and others

2+ years Teaching experience working with both Chinese and English native speakers in educational settings across China and Canada

"My career as an educator in China and Canada has been diverse and rewarding, specializing in addressing the unique learning needs of a wide range of students. I firmly believe that education should ignite lifelong curiosity, not just temporary learning. Every student's perspective is valued in my classroom, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and curiosity is the cornerstone of our learning journey. My goal is to instill a lasting interest in language and cultural studies. Join me as we explore the depths of language and the richness of culture, transforming students into passionate explorers of the world."

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