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Blended Learning in Chinese: Shaping Mandarin Education in the Post-COVID Era

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In the post-COVID era, the landscape of education has transformed dramatically, with a significant shift towards online learning. This transition has been embraced by many due to the convenience and flexibility it offers. However, the longing for human connection and the necessity for real-life language practice remain prevalent.

The Traditional Approaches

Before we delve into the innovative approach that VMS is introducing, let's take a moment to consider the traditional learning environments:

- Online-Only Learning: This approach, often facilitated through apps or standalone online sessions, offers convenience but comes with limitations. It often lacks the depth of interaction and spontaneous conversation that are vital in language learning, offering a somewhat isolated learning experience.

- In-Person Classroom Learning: This traditional approach fosters a sense of community and offers ample opportunities for interactive learning. However, it lacks the flexibility that many learners have come to appreciate in the digital age, especially those balancing learning with other responsibilities.

The Blended Learning Approach at VMS

Recognizing the limitations of both online-only and in-person learning, VMS has crafted a solution that brings together the best of both worlds:

- Online Learning: Our approach includes self-paced learning facilitated through a rich online platform offering live stream classes, allowing for real-time interaction with instructors and peers, enhancing the learning experience from the comfort of your home.

- In-Person Learning: The program integrates in-person meet-ups, providing opportunities for learners to immerse themselves in real-life scenarios, encouraging more output practice and fostering connections with fellow learners.

Introducing the Mandarin 123 Program

We are thrilled to introduce the Mandarin 123 program for beginners from 0 to 1 in 6 months. It is a pilot initiative that harmonizes the benefits of online and in-person learning. This program recognizes that language cannot be taught to a proficient level through virtual mediums alone. It facilitates opportunities for learners to immerse themselves in real-life scenarios, encouraging more output practice and fostering connections with fellow learners.

- Structured Yet Flexible: The program is designed to take learners from beginners to confident speakers in just 7 months, offering a structured yet flexible learning path.

- Community Building: Beyond learning, the program aims to build a community of Mandarin enthusiasts, where individuals can connect, share, and grow together.

Join Us

As we gear up to welcome the first batch of students in January, 2024. We invite you to be a part of this unique learning experience. Join us and embrace the future of Mandarin learning, where flexibility meets real-world experience. Be among the pioneers to experience a learning approach that promises not just proficiency but a rich and fulfilling learning journey.

Fill out this form to secure the seats and get a 15-minute free consultation for your Mandarin level and need. Or contact us directly at +1(672)8666777 or email us at

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